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Podcast Studios


Podcasting is the fastest growing form of communication.   From Joe Rogan and Bill Burr to Joe Blogs down the road everybody now 

can have their opinions heard.  The more professional the product, the more it has a chance to break through the thousands of podcasts 

being uploaded every day. 

Now That's Where We Come In

Sound City Melbourne has eight purpose-built soundproof suites ready for you to use for your podcast.  They include furniture, microphones, stands and mixing consoles.  


Just bring in your recording unit of choice and let us help you take a more professional show to the public. The venue and amenities are fully accessible, including car parking and a fully licensed bar.  Bring your guests to a place that will have you on a level playing field as some of the bigger operations.  

We can also assist with the recording, uploading and video recording of your podcast.

Our Staff can assist you to drill down to the subject matter that could drive your very own podcast. 

Sound City Melbourne is the new hub of podcasters in Melbourne. 


Prices from $70 - 5 Hours private room 


For information about pricing of extra hire and advice. 



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